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How To Do A 360 Flip On A Skateboard

So your interested in learing How To Do A 360 Flip On A Skateboard? Check out the info and video below, hopefully that will help. The 360 flip, also known as tre flip and 3 flip, can be very frustrating skateboard trick. People struggle with it for years, but lucky for you guys I have gone through these struggles, learned how to perfect them and will now share the strategies and secrets of how to do them with you. First of all you should be able to do Varial flips, they don’t need to be the best of the best because there are a lot of different techniques between the two skateboard tricks, but Knowing how to do them will make you feel more comfortable and confident with learning 360 flips.

flip How To Do A 360 Flip On A Skateboard

How To Do A 360 Flip On A Skateboard

Here are the steps you need to take

Step 1. Your foot positioning is crucial to master this trick. The standard position (this is a general outline and may change from person to person) should have your back foot in the pocket (concave) of the frontside edge of your skateboard. Your front foot should be on about a 45 degree angle about half way up your board with your heel hanging off the backside edge.

Step 2. Start to ride at a slow but reasonable pace, I wouldn’t suggest trying to learn this trick standing still because it’s a lot harder to get the scoop of your back foot if your not moving.

Step 3. As you pop you want to really focus on the scoop of your back foot and swing it behind you fast, also most of the weight on your back foot should be in your toes.

Tip. One thing I see people do incorrectly when trying this skateboard trick is they rely too much on their front foot for getting the flip, this is where they differ hugely from varial flips. The Key to 3 flip is in your back foot and finding the right placement of it so that it will flip without you front foot having to kick it way out like a kickflip. That’s why it’s so crucial to find the right placement of your feet! With that being said your front foot still plays a part, it just doesn’t play a big part of the actual flip and rotation, that doesn’t mean it does nothing for it, its just not even close to as important as your back foot.

Step 4. After you’ve popped the skateboard leave your front foot out to guide it around and catch it so it doesn’t over rotate. Make sure you keep your upper body square with the skateboard because it’s very easy to get thrown off when both your feet are doing different things.

Step 5. Staying on top of the skateboard is the hardest part to this trick and my suggestion is to focus on that, stay on top of the board and remember that its closer to land on the back of the skateboard with two feet than to land on the top three feet away from your body with one foot.

Step 6. As you land on your board be prepared for it, this skateboard trick is notorious for slipping out backwards, so make sure you have your knees bent and your weight evenly distributed between both legs.

Step 7. Stomp it on the truck bolts and roll away clean.
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