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Purchasing your first skateboard




rushbrooke skateboard Purchasing your first skateboard

Purchasing your first skateboard

For beginners in skateboarding who are not familiar with what they should do first, skateboarding for beginners will facilitate them to realize the essential basics concerning skateboarding.


What do you need to know before you buy a skateboard: Before you buy a skateboard, you need to know what you want to do with it? If you want to be poser, than you don’t need to buy an expensive deck, you can buy a cheap skateboard in a supermarket. But if you want to skate with your deck then you need a good skateboard. From my experience I advise you to do not skimp your money and buy good and resistant deck in skate shop, not in some supermarket. Be right-minded and don’t buy cheap decks which will preclude your up growth.

How to choose the right skateboard: To choose the first and right skateboard for you, I advise you to get help from the skate shop salesman. Tell him that you are beginner, what you want to do with your skateboard and I guarantee that he will help to choose apropos skateboard exactly for you.

What to do next: once you have purchased your skateboard like CREATURE BONEHEAD KILLS COMPLETE, start using it. To start with you just need to start riding, do not try tricks prior to you feel comfortable and stable on the deck. Learn how to shift skateboard front from one side to other, learn how to ride manual – riding only on two wheels, and other basic things. In the early stages I recommend to begin skating in asphalted ground. Do not go to skate parks before you are fully prepared.

Tricks: When you feel ready and you know how to do the basic things, you can start learning tricks. The first and most important trick which is the basic of all tricks is the ollie – it is when you jump with your deck. It is a simple trick, but you must learn it very well, because if you don’t know how to do an ollie, then you can’t do other tricks. After you have learned the ollie you can learn other tricks like pop shuvit, kickflip and more. I advise you to buy special skate shoes, because with those shoes it is easier to do tricks than usual shoes.

5 Responses to “Purchasing your first skateboard”

  1. campbell says:

    too rite man! dont spend ur money on cheap stuff. buy a good board!

  2. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later ..

  3. meissa says:

    I’m a beginner, but if i wanted to ride one and ride only and bought it at a super market such as Canadian Tire would that make me a poser?, I don’t have much money, just $10.

  4. Dick.Beginer! says:

    Hi,I’m Beginer in Skate World. . . i wish i could Study A lot Heh?

  5. Himanshu says:

    Hey!I got my skateboard yesterday and now I want to learn all
    the tricks.


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